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Our modern institution is interested in cultivating an environment where young students can come together and learn in a creative and flexible environment. We work collaboratively with our students to achieve outstanding results.



As if memorizing the periodic table wasn’t enough, learning about—and retaining—the difference between the various high school exams and standardized testing required for college admissions is just another piece of knowledge every college-bound student (and parent) needs to know.

Graduation Requirement


Students in 8th grade will begin the process of developing a Personalized Graduation Plan (PGP) for the next 4 years in high school. A Personalized Graduation Plan is a 4-year plan that each student makes to help guide his or her course selection to meet the criteria of the chosen endorsement.

HPS College Match & Fit Framework


College acceptance and enrollment are important, but college completion is the goal! Students are more likely to graduate if the college they choose to attend fits their social, academic, and financial needs. The HPS College Match & Fit framework is designed to ensure that all students are provided with resources and guidance to help them make informed post secondary choices in their college planning, application, and enrollment.

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